Our Services

Guardian Audit Services is an independent accounting firm specialising in the provision of audit services to Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF). We can provide your practice with several advantages, including:

  • True independence
  • May reduce insurance premium
  • You can redirect time into your core business

As independence and confidentiality are important issues we have as a firm decided only to complete SMSF audit work. We do not do general accounting nor do we have associations with any financial planners. We have no other interest in any fund except our responsibility to complete a financial and prudential audit.

How to get started?

Please contact us and provide us with the name and ABN of your SMSFs that require auditing. We will then provide you with our Engagement letter for each fund and a copy of our current Audit checklist

What information we require?

Our Audit checklist contains a detailed list of supporting documents that we require to complete the audit. A copy of this Audit checklist and other useful templates and forms can be downloaded from our website or can be emailed to you on request.

How to provide your paperwork?

  • If you want us to access your clients' data and documents saved into your accounting system please contact us for further details
  • You can upload your SMSF information and supporting documents to our Secure Area
  • You can send us information and documents via email in PDF format (size limit of 10MB per email), or
  • You can send your workpapers via post

How the SMSF audit is done?

After we receive your workpapers the audit is performed and final documents are provided in an efficient time frame. You will be contacted in case of missing documents or when queries are to be clarified.