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SMSF Auditor Registration Number: 100 128 041

Guardian Audit Services is a specialist Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) Audit Practice. In fact SMSF audits are all we do. By specialising we believe that we can deliver a service that is thorough, timely and cost effective.

Guardian Audit Services is proudly recognised as one of the top 100 approved auditors by the Australian Tax Office.

Superannuation is an essential element for the financial security of all Australians. Careful planning is required if clients are to capture the maximum benefits that superannuation has to offer. An essential component to ensure that members receive their entitlements when it is time for them to retire is the annual Financial Statement and Compliance Audit as required by the SIS Act.

Guardian Audit Services has developed a strong reputation in the core area of SMSF audit services. Each audit is reviewed by a Partner who is actively involved with the audit process. Partners can be easily contacted and response times are quick.

Apart from assuring clients in relation to their financial reports and compliance related issues, procedures and controls, we focus on adding value to the service provided. We do this by providing written feedback if we identify an area of weakness in fund management, or if it appears trustees are lacking in their understanding of their responsibilities in relation to the SIS Act. This provides a positive rather than negative approach, and a focus that can identify efficiency issues and areas for potential improvement.

We are 100% Australian owned and operated organisation.

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